Brett was born from Giulia’s heart and becomes a small refuge for lovers
of wines and food, produced by artisans who work with profound respect
by 1st nature and the territory.

Since childhood I have been accustomed to following my grandfather into the cellar and my grandmother and mother
in the kitchen. She grew up in close contact with animals, learning to
protect and respect the ecological balance and understand its importance
of sustainability.

For her, food and wine are a vehicle for love and comfort. They are memories,
deep experiences and roots.

But also contamination, fusion, exchanges, discoveries, ideas. Reality in motion.

Brett thus becomes a place of connection, of people, of stories and of
ingredients. Without superstructures or preconceptions, starting from the name that, from
yeast responsible for wine defects, so
provocative, dispels the myth that all wines produced without the aid of
chemistry are unappealing.